swMATH ID: 29833
Software Authors: Duke University; Susan Rodger
Description: JAWAA: Java and Web based Algorithm Animation. JAWAA is a scripting language for creating animations on the web easily. Written in Java, the program provides an interface through which users can write animations and then display them with any web browser that supports Java. The animations are written by users in a simple script language that can easily be learned by people with little or no programming experience. For more advanced users, JAWAA commands can be added to their program to quickly produce an animation of a data structure such as an array, stack, queue, graph or tree. That is, JAWAA commands can be added to a program written in any programming language to produce a JAWAA output file that is called from a web page and produces the animation. A component of JAWAA is the JAWAA editor. This editor allows one to lay out animations graphically by laying out objects, and then modifying them across time. The editor then has the ability to export the animations to an .anim file, a text document with commands, that displays the animation in a web browser as an applet. The purpose of the editor is to make the creation of animations easier. Configuration of the location of the objects is automatic as opposed to having to plug in coordinate values and working based on trial and error. Once the animation is exported to an .anim file, it can be combined with or edited as animations hand-written in JAWAA. This is useful because it reduces the time to create the animation and it allows animation files to be combined
Homepage: https://www2.cs.duke.edu/csed/jawaa2/
Dependencies: Java
Related Software: ANIMAL; Tango; XAAL; JavaScript; BALSA; Zeus; CHRAnimation; PARADE; FAUST; CAITLIN; Pavane; JOTSA; MUSE; EVEGA; ALADDIN; JCAT; KIEL; POLKA; JFLAP; GeoWin
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Further Publications: https://www2.cs.duke.edu/csed/jawaa2/#papers

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