swMATH ID: 29851
Software Authors: G. Rössling, M. Schuler, B. Freisleben
Description: The ANIMAL algorithm animation tool. In this paper, we present Animal, a new tool for developing animations to be used in lectures. Animal offers a small but powerful set of graphical operators. Animations are generated using a visual editor, by scripting or via API calls. All animations can be edited visually. Animal supports source and pseudo code inclusion and highlighting as well as precise user-defined delays between actions. The paper evaluates the functionality of Animal in comparison to other animation tools.
Homepage: https://fileserver.tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/Publications/2000/ITiCSE2000.pdf
Related Software: Tango; JAWAA; XAAL; JavaScript; Zeus; FAUST; CAITLIN; Pavane; JOTSA; MUSE; EVEGA; JCAT; KIEL; POLKA; JFLAP; GeoWin; BALSA; CHRAnimation; PARADE; ALADDIN
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