swMATH ID: 29863
Software Authors: Ayala-Rincón, Mauricio; da Fonseca, Alexsandro F.; Poubel, Haydée Werneck; Siqueira, José
Description: A framework to visualize equivalences between computational models of regular languages. We discuss how to increase and simplify the understanding of the equivalence relations between machine models and/or language representations of formal languages by means of the animation tool SAGEMoLiC. Our new educational tool permits the simulation of the execution of models of computation, as many other animation systems do, but its philosophy goes further than these of the usual systems since it allows for a true visualization of the key notions involved in the formal proofs of these equivalences. In contrast with the proposal of previous systems, our approach to visualize equivalence theorems is not a simple “step by step animation” of specific conversion algorithms between computational models and/or grammatical representations of formal languages, because we make emphasis on the key theoretical notions involved in the formal proofs of these equivalences.
Homepage: http://www.mat.unb.br/~ayala/TCgroup/SAGEMoLiC/instructions.html
Keywords: Automata theory; Formal languages; Visualization; Algorithm animation
Related Software: Xaa
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