swMATH ID: 29864
Software Authors: Freihet, A. A.; Zuriqat, M.
Description: Analytical solution of fractional Burgers-Huxley equations via residual power series method. This paper is aimed at constructing fractional power series (FPS) solutions of fractional Burgers-Huxley equations using residual power series method (RPSM). RPSM is combining Taylor’s formula series with residual error function. The solutions of our equation are computed in the form of rapidly convergent series with easily calculable components using Mathematica software package. Numerical simulations of the results are depicted through different graphical representations and tables showing that present scheme are reliable and powerful in finding the numerical solutions of fractional Burgers-Huxley equations. The numerical results reveal that the RPSM is very effective, convenient and quite accurate to time dependence kind of nonlinear equations. It is predicted that the RPSM can be found widely applicable in engineering.
Homepage: https://rd.springer.com/article/10.1134%2FS1995080219020082
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: generalized Taylor series; fractional power series; fractional Burgers-Huxley equations; residual power series method; Caputo’s fractional derivative
Related Software: Mathematica
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