swMATH ID: 29914
Software Authors: R. Miceli, G. Civario, A. Sikora, E. César, M. Gerndt, H. Haitof, C. Navarrete, S. Benkner, M. Sandrieser, L. Morin et al
Description: AutoTune: A Plugin-Driven Approach to the Automatic Tuning of Parallel Applications. Performance analysis and tuning is an important step in programming multicore- and manycore-based parallel architectures. While there are several tools to help developers analyze application performance, no tool provides recommendations about how to tune the code. The AutoTune project is extending Periscope, an automatic distributed performance analysis tool developed by Technische Universität München, with plugins for performance and energy efficiency tuning. The resulting Periscope Tuning Framework will be able to tune serial and parallel codes for multicore and manycore architectures and return tuning recommendations that can be integrated into the production version of the code. The whole tuning process – both performance analysis and tuning – will be performed automatically during a single run of the application.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-642-36803-5_24
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