swMATH ID: 29927
Software Authors: Sanketh Nalli, Swapnil Haria, Michael M. Swift, Mark D. Hill
Description: WHISPER, or Wisconsin-HPL Suite for Persistence is a comprehensive benchmark suite for emerging persistent memory technologies. Persistent Memory (PM) is non-volatile memory accessed with byte addressability (not just blocks) at low latency (not I/O bus) via regular memory instructions (not system calls). WHISPER captures unique properties of PM applications establishing a firm foundation for the design of future hardware and software systems for persistent memory. It covers a wide variety of interfaces to PM including custom PM key-value stores Echo and Redis, a PM database N-store, PM transactional libraries Mnemosyne and NVML and a PM filesystem PMFS. We developed Eliza and a framework, to analyze WHISPER applications which can easily be used to analyze future PM interfaces. Please read our paper, click on the links above for our code, or contact Swapnil (swapnilh at cs dot wisc edu) or Sanketh (sankey at cs dot wisc dot edu) for details.
Homepage: https://research.cs.wisc.edu/multifacet/whisper/
Source Code:  https://github.com/swapnilh/whisper
Related Software: Proteus; ThyNVM; NOVA; FPTree; WORT; DudeTM; EDO; SoftWrAP; ATOM; Mnemosyne; NICO; gem5
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