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Software Authors: Bobkov, V.F.
Description: Brief review of program package WHISPAR for solving aero-acoustics problems on unstructured grids The program package WHISPAR includes four base gas dynamic models: 1) linearized Euler equations, 2) full Euler equations, 3) linearized Navier-Stokes equations, 4) full Navier-Stokes equations. As a base numerical scheme of spatial derivatives approximation the DRP- scheme is used. The seven-points spatial pattern with an uniform step grid is applied in the DPR-schemes.
Homepage: http://www.mathnet.ru/php/archive.phtml?wshow=paper&jrnid=mm&paperid=1110&option_lang=eng
Keywords: numerical methods; mesh generation and refinement; unstructured grids; program package; Euler equations; Navier-Stokes equations; aero- acoustics
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1 Bobkov, V. F.

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