swMATH ID: 30037
Software Authors: D. M. Kruger; H. Gohlke
Description: DrugscorePPI is a knowledge-based scoring function for computational alanine-scanning in protein-protein interfaces. The PDB-derived statistical potentials have been fine-tuned by an atomtype-based QSAR approach with respect to experimental binding free energy differences between wildtype proteins and ALA mutants for protein-protein complex formation. DrugScorePPI is therefore dedicated to successfully identify hot spots in protein-protein interfaces.
Homepage: https://cpclab.uni-duesseldorf.de/dsppi/
Related Software: StSNP; PharmGKB; SNPeffect; COILCHECK; SNPs3D; FoldX; PoPMuSiC; AUTO-MUTE; CUPSAT; MCCE2; CHARMM; Gromacs; TINKER
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