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Software Authors: Colvin, Kurt; Beaumariage, Terrence
Description: The Network-Cetric Simulation Object System (NCSOS) is a prototype object-oriented, discrete-event simulation environment that was designed using a network-centric computing architecture. Developed primarily for use as a manufacturing system simulation environment, simulation models in NCSOS incorporate a mixture of both local and network-based simulation objects. Using NCSOS, a simulationist builds models by selecting a collection of manufacturing workstations. While some of the simulation workstation ohjects are located on the computer’s local file system, the other workstation objects are located on a remote computer connected to the Internet. This distribution of objects is the innovative approach of network-centric simulation modeling using our environment. In this article, we present our simulation environment that was developed in Java using a network-centric architecture
Homepage: http://sim.sagepub.com/content/70/6/396.full.pdf
Keywords: Web-based simulation; manufacturing
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Network-centric simulation using NCSOS. Zbl 1037.68802
Colvin, Kurt; Beaumariage, Terrence

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