swMATH ID: 30180
Software Authors: E. Garrison et al.
Description: vg: variation graph data structures, interchange formats, alignment, genotyping, and variant calling methods. vg is a collection of tools based on a common data model (the variation graph) that is described by a protobuf schema (vg.proto). Data objects defined in vg.proto may be serialized via a stream pattern defined in stream.hpp. It is not necessary to write code in vg in order to interface with the algorithms defined here. Rather, it is sometimes simpler to write an external algorithm that reads and writes the same data formats.
Homepage: https://github.com/vgteam/vg#vg
Related Software: BWA; HISAT; Vargas; AStarix; ART; Bowtie 2; LZ77; MetaProb; GitHub; r-index; SplitMEM; deBGA
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