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Software Authors: Tucker, Warwick
Description: A rigorous ODE solver and Smale’s 14th problem: 5. The RODES Program: The RODES (Rigorous ODE Solver) program is a highly adaptive, multiprocessorprogram. As we pointed out earlier, the computations are performed in intervalarithmetic with directed rounding when necessary. This functionality is providedby the PROFIL/BIAS package (see [8]) which is supported on all architecturesutilized in the proof. The program was executed on 20 machines working in parallel.Data was passed between the processes via a common text file. All floating pointnumbers were passed with 17 digits of precision, which converts exactly according o the IEEE standard. The computers employed for the task were a variety ofSUN Sparc stations, with models ranging from LX, Sparc 4 to Ultra 1. The totalcomputational time in this setting was about 100 hours. Other setups with fewercomputers equipped with stronger processors have been performed with similarresults. In the sections to come, we will give an overview of the program’s globalstructure and the computations carried out.
Homepage: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007%2Fs002080010018.pdf
Keywords: ODE solver; interval arithmetic; Lorenz equation; normal form; strange attractor
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A rigorous ODE solver and Smale’s 14th problem. Zbl 1047.37012
Tucker, Warwick
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