swMATH ID: 30196
Software Authors: larosterna
Description: SUMO, an open source software developed by larosterna. SUMO is a graphical tool aimed at rapid creation of aircraft geometries and automatic surface mesh generation. It is not a full-fledged CAD system, but rather an easy-to-use sketchpad, highly specialized towards aircraft configurations.
Homepage: https://www.ceasiom.com/wp/?page_id=318
Related Software: TiXI; SUAVE; JPAD; GitHub; GeoMACH; cpacs2to3; CPACSCreator; GoTools; Ayam; CONSURF; CPACSGen; PythonOCC; Open CASCADE; CPACS; TiGL; CEASIOM; Vehicle sketch pad; Netgen; ParaView; SWIG
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