swMATH ID: 30198
Software Authors: Timothy, M., Clarke, M., Botero, E., Vegh, J., Alonso, J.
Description: SUAVE: An Open-Source Environment EnablingMulti-Fidelity Vehicle Optimization. SUAVE is a conceptual level aerospace vehicle design environment that allows a user to incorporate new methods and information sources to analyze both conventional and unconventional configurations. This paper builds upon previous works where SUAVE analyzed and optimized several types of aircraft using low-fidelity methods, and also incorporated links with higher-fidelity tools. Here we demonstrate SUAVE’s use in the multi-fidelity optimization of unconventional designs. The objective of this type of framework is to enable high performance while working with constrained computational resources. This capability will be demonstrated through the use of additive correction surrogates and trust region model management, with SUAVE managing the levels of fidelity according to these methods. Two different test cases are optimized here. We present results for a supersonic transport with varying wing area and aspect ratio, and a blended-wing-body aircraft with varying planform values subject to stability constraints. Both are analyzed at the cruise condition with two levels of analysis fidelity
Homepage: http://adl.stanford.edu/papers/suave-mf-opt.pdf
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