swMATH ID: 30205
Software Authors: Björn Beutel; Helmut Herold; Almási, B.; Bolch, G.; Tutsch, D.; et.al
Description: MOSEL: Modeling, Specification and Evaluation Language. MOSEL is a new and powerful language for the performance and reliability modeling of computer, communication, and manufacturing systems. The modeling language is the central part of the MOSEL modeling environment. Once a system has been specified using MOSEL, the modeling environment executes the performance and reliability analysis of the model automatically. Results are collected either in a text file or can be displayed graphically with the utility IGL, which is part of the MOSEL modeling environment.
Homepage: https://www4.cs.fau.de/Projects/MOSEL/Download/
Dependencies: C++
Related Software: lcpSim; GreatSPN 1.7; GreatSPN; SPNP; MARKMOD; SPN2MGM; MGMtool; ARENA; TELPACK; OMNet++; SHARPE
Referenced in: 26 Publications
Further Publications: https://www4.cs.fau.de/Projects/MOSEL/Pub/

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