swMATH ID: 30210
Software Authors: Suraj, Zbigniew; Grochowalski, Piotr
Description: The rough set database system. This paper gives an overview of the current version of the “Rough Sets Database System” (in short the RSDS system). The current version of the RSDS system includes a number of modifications, extensions and functional improvements. The RSDS system is a freely available database system, developed to facilitate the creation of the rough sets bibliography for various types of publications as well as their fast popularization and application. This database is the most comprehensive online rough sets bibliography currently available at the Internet address url{http://rsds.univ.rzeszow.pl}. The main functionalities of this system are presented along with a brief explanation of its exploitation methods.
Homepage: http://rsds.univ.rzeszow.pl/home
Keywords: rough sets; data mining; knowledge discovery; pattern recognition; machine learning; database systems
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