swMATH ID: 30394
Software Authors: Rodosthenous, Christos T.; Michael, Loizos
Description: Web-STAR: A visual web-based IDE for a story comprehension system. We present Web-STAR, an online platform for story understanding built on top of the STAR reasoning engine for STory comprehension through ARgumentation. The platform includes a web-based integrated development environment, integration with the STAR system, and a web service infrastructure to support integration with other systems that rely on story understanding functionality to complete their tasks. The platform also delivers a number of “social” features, including a community repository for public story sharing with a built-in commenting system, and tools for collaborative story editing that can be used for team development projects and for educational purposes.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1808.00048
Keywords: web-based IDE; story understanding; argumentation; reasoning; visual programming; collaboration; arXiv_cs.AI; arXiv_cs.HC; arXiv_cs.CY
Related Software: SWISH DataLab; SeaLion; Kara; onlineSPARC; Clingo; WASP; ASPIDE
Cited in: 1 Publication

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