swMATH ID: 30465
Software Authors: Zhen-Dong Su, Yan Huang, Zhao-Yue Zhang, Ya-Wei Zhao, Dong Wang, Wei Chen, Kuo-Chen Chou, Hao Lin
Description: iLoc-lncRNA: predict the subcellular location of lncRNAs by incorporating octamer composition into general PseKNC. Results: We developed a sequence-based bioinformatics tool called ‘iLoc-lncRNA’ to predict the subcellular locations of LncRNAs by incorporating the 8-tuple nucleotide features into the general PseKNC (Pseudo K-tuple Nucleotide Composition) via the binomial distribution approach. Rigorous jackknife tests have shown that the overall accuracy achieved by the new predictor on a stringent benchmark dataset is 86.72
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article-abstract/34/24/4196/5042167?redirectedFrom=fulltext
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