swMATH ID: 30584
Software Authors: Masad D, Kazil J.
Description: Mesa: Agent-based modeling in Python 3+. Mesa is an Apache2 licensed agent-based modeling (or ABM) framework in Python. It allows users to quickly create agent-based models using built-in core components (such as spatial grids and agent schedulers) or customized implementations; visualize them using a browser-based interface; and analyze their results using Python’s data analysis tools. Its goal is to be the Python 3-based alternative to NetLogo, Repast, or MASON.
Homepage: http://conference.scipy.org/proceedings/scipy2015/pdfs/jacqueline_kazil.pdf
Source Code:  https://github.com/projectmesa/mesa
Dependencies: Python
Related Software: NetLogo; Agents.jl; Evoplex; MASON; HDF5; dantro; paramspace; Armadillo; Docker; Python; Utopia; Repast Suite; Julia; FLAME; AgentBase; GAMA
Cited in: 0 Publications