swMATH ID: 3067
Software Authors: Heike Hofmann; Bernd Siegl; George Hawkins; Antony Unwin; Martin Theus
Description: MANET is for exploring data, whether raw data, transformed data or model residuals. MANET provides a range of graphical tools specially designed for studying multivariate features. Anyone involved in analysing data will find MANET useful for gaining insights into the structure and relationships of their data sets.
Homepage: http://rosuda.org/manet/
Keywords: interactive graphics; missing values
Related Software: R; iplots; GGobi; Mondrian; XGobi; ViSta; ggplot2; SAS; RGtk2; norm; SPSS; MissingDataGUI; Amelia; MICE; Hmisc; VIM; KernSmooth; gWidgets; JMP; LISP-STAT
Cited in: 22 Documents

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