swMATH ID: 30887
Software Authors: Hauschild, D.
Description: EDDA stands for ElectronDiffractionDataAnalysis and is a software to analyze electron diffraction. In the raw data you can correct several errors e.g. jumps, breaks and drifts. From this raw data the incoherent undergound is subtracted and then the atructure factor and the pair distribution function can be calculated. Also the density, coordination number, the diameter of the Fermisphere and the Position of Ions etc. are calculated. The main aplication is for electron scattering, but also X-Ray scattering and Neutron scattering are possible but the necessary corrections must be made before. In every curve e.g. scattering curve J(K), structure factor S(K) and pair distribution function G(r), different corrections and adaptions are possible. The structure factor and the pair distribution function were especially analysed in relation to SPO (spherical periodic order) and ACO (angular correlated order).
Homepage: http://dirkhauschild.de/edda_eng.php
Related Software: RDFTools; SUePDF
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