swMATH ID: 3089
Software Authors: Andonov, A.; Arbuzov, A.; Bardin, D.; Bondarenko, S.; Christova, P.; Kalinovskaya, L.; Kolesnikov, V.; Sadykov, R.
Description: Standard SANC modules We summarize the status of the standard SANC modules (in the EW and QCD sectors of the Neutral Current branch – version 1.21 and the Charged Current branch – version 1.20). All versions of the codes are accessible from the SANC project servers at Dubna url{http://sanc.jinr.ru} and CERN url{http://pcphsanc.cern.ch}.
Homepage: http://sanc.jinr.ru/download.php
Keywords: general high energy physics and computing; phase space and event simulation
Related Software: FormTracer; GAMMA; Forcer; FeynCalcFormLink; FeynHelpers; GitHub; HEPMath; Redberry; Package-X; FORM; Mincer; xAct; TRACER; GoSam; FeynCalc; FeynArts; CompHep; DIANA; GiNaC; SymPy
Cited in: 2 Publications
Further Publications: http://sanc.jinr.ru/papers.php

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