Tensor Network Theory

swMATH ID: 30920
Software Authors: Sarah Al-Assam, Stephen R. Clark, Dieter Jaksch
Description: Tensor Network Theory (TNT) provides efficient and accurate methods for simulating strongly correlated quantum systems. It does this by encoding, as a network of tensors, the many-body wave function representing the system and the operators that act on it. TNT algorithms can then be broken down into a series of tensor operations. The TNT library contains highly optimised routines for manipulating tensors in the network, which are completely general and do not depend on any network geometry. It also contains routines that can be used to build the most common TNT algorithms, with complete versions of these algorithms, either to use as they are, or modify for your own purposes.
Homepage: http://www.tensornetworktheory.org
Keywords: Quantum Physics; arXiv_quant-ph; arXiv_cond-mat.other; Tensor Network Theory; TNT
Related Software: snake; evoMPS; ITensor; GitHub; VirtualBox; DMRG++; ALPS; NetCDF; MNIST
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The tensor network theory library. Zbl 1459.81004
Al-Assam, S.; Clark, S. R.; Jaksch, D.

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