swMATH ID: 3103
Software Authors: Smith, B.L.; Dury, T.V.
Description: On the use of heat transfer correlations for internal surfaces in the ASTEC code The use of empirical correlations for conjugate heat transfer problems is discussed in the context of the ASTEC code. Three possible methods of implementation are defined, conveniently labelled explicit, Jacobian, and implicit, depending on whether previous cycle, previous iteration, or current iteration values, respectively, are used to supply the wall and bulk fluid temperatures in the usual expression for the heat flux. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are examined with reference to an idealized two-dimensional forced convection situation.
Homepage: http://lth.web.psi.ch/codes/ASTEC.htm
Keywords: implicit method; computational thermal hydraulics; forced convection; numerical stability; explicit method; Jacobian method; eight-noded linear hexahedra; conjugate heat transfer problems
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