swMATH ID: 313
Software Authors: Hildenbrand, Dietmar; Pitt, Joachim; Koch, Andreas
Description: Gaalop – high performance parallel computing based on conformal geometric algebra. We present Gaalop (Geometric algebra algorithms optimizer), our tool for high-performance computing based on conformal geometric algebra. The main goal of Gaalop is to realize implementations that are most likely faster than conventional solutions. In order to achieve this goal, our focus is on parallel target platforms like FPGA (field-programmable gate arrays) or the CUDA technology from NVIDIA. We describe the concepts, current status, and future perspectives of Gaalop dealing with optimized software implementations, hardware implementations, and mixed solutions. An inverse kinematics algorithm of a humanoid robot is described as an example.
Homepage: http://www.gaalop.de/
Keywords: geometric algebra algorithms optimizer
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Cited in: 27 Publications

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