swMATH ID: 31500
Software Authors: Leonardo Uieda
Description: Verde is a Python library for processing spatial data (bathymetry, geophysics surveys, etc) and interpolating it on regular grids (i.e., gridding). Most gridding methods in Verde use a Green’s functions approach. A linear model is estimated based on the input data and then used to predict data on a regular grid (or in a scatter, a profile, as derivatives). The models are Green’s functions from (mostly) elastic deformation theory. This approach is very similar to machine learning so we implement gridder classes that are similar to scikit-learn regression classes. The API is not 100
Homepage: https://www.fatiando.org/verde/latest/
Source Code:  https://github.com/fatiando/verde
Dependencies: Python
Keywords: JOSS; GPS; spatial data; Green functions; Python library; gridding
Related Software: Scikit; Python; Cartopy; agrid; GDAL; VTK; Quantarctica; Dask; Astropy; NetCDF; QGIS; MayaVi; NumPy; pandas; GeoPandas; SciPy; Matplotlib; xarray; Rasterio; Fiona
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