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Description: The E-CARE project – removing the wires The European Commission IST project called E-CARE: Medical Expert System for Continuity of Care and Healthy Lifestyle presents innovative health services that will introduce new practices in health monitoring and decision support on health matters as well as healthy living. E-CARE will cater for a wide range of scenarios, from patients on short-term (l-2 months) recovery from treatment to patients with long-term illness, elderly people and people predisposed to diseases, which live a normal life but at the same time need constant attention on the state of their health. One aspect of E-CARE that is the major issue for the introduction of 3G Medical services in general is the systematic removal of the connecting wires which link the patients vital data sensors to the medical server which is monitoring the patient. This paper presents the Steps adopted within the E-Care project and therefore a blue-print for developing further 3G Medical Services.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/e2c5jp3966r8v35r/fulltext.pdf
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The E-CARE project – removing the wires. Zbl 1055.68653
Marsh, A.

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