swMATH ID: 31785
Software Authors: Fajwel Fogel, Irène Waldspurger, Alexandre d'Aspremont
Description: PhaseCut: Phase Retrieval using Semidefinite Programming. This package contains the numerical code used in the corresponding paper. M-files, source code and MEX binaries for Linux, Mac OS X.
Homepage: https://www.di.ens.fr/~aspremon/PhaseCutCode.html
Related Software: PhaseLift; Wirtinger Flow; GESPAR; GitHub; SparseJSR; ChordalGraph; TSSOS; PGLib-OPF; LightGraphs.jl; JuMP; ComputeTW; SDPLR; lobpcg.m; PhasePack; Manopt; Mosek; QuadProgBB; frlib; QPLIB; SPOTless
Cited in: 14 Publications

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