swMATH ID: 31791
Software Authors: Craig Costello; Cédric Fournet; Jon Howell; Markulf Kohlweiss; Benjamin Kreuter; Michael Naehrig; Bryan Parno; Samee Zahur
Description: Geppetto: Versatile Verifiable Computation. Cloud computing sparked interest in Verifiable Computation protocols, which allow a weak client to securely outsource computations to remote parties. Recent work has dramatically reduced the client’s cost to verify the correctness of their results, but the overhead to produce proofs remains largely impractical. Geppetto introduces complementary techniques for reducing prover overhead and increasing prover flexibility. With Multi QAPs, Geppetto reduces the cost of sharing state between computations (e.g, For MapReduce) or within a single computation by up to two orders of magnitude. Via a careful choice of cryptographic primitives, Geppetto’s instantiation of bounded proof bootstrapping improves on prior bootstrapped systems by up to five orders of magnitude, albeit at some cost in universality. Geppetto also efficiently verifies the correct execution of proprietary (i.e, Secret) algorithms. Finally, Geppetto’s use of energy-saving circuits brings the prover’s costs more in line with the program’s actual (rather than worst-case) execution time. Geppetto is implemented in a full-fledged, scalable compiler and runtime that consume LLVM code generated from a variety of source C programs and cryptographic libraries.
Homepage: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7163030
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