swMATH ID: 3181
Software Authors: J.T.Moscicki et al
Description: DIANE: Distributed Analysis Environment. DIANE is a tool which helps application communities and smaller Virtual Organisations using the distributed computing infrastructures more efficiently. The automatic control and scheduling of computations on a set of distributed worker nodes leads to an improvement of the quality of service of the EGEE/LCG Grid. The tool allows to: reduce the application execution time by using the resources more efficiently, reduce the user work overhead by providing fully automatic execution and failure management, efficiently integrate local and Grid resources. DIANE highly customizable and, under certain conditions, may be used with legacy applications. The tool is not limited to the Grid infrastructure and may be easily used with local resources (or both local and Grid at the same time). See the Technical Overview and Applications.
Homepage: http://it-proj-diane.web.cern.ch/it-proj-diane/
Related Software: Ganga; GEANT4; GATE; Pegasus; Taverna; Condor-G; AKIRA; SLEUTH
Cited in: 11 Publications
Further Publications: http://it-proj-diane.web.cern.ch/it-proj-diane/papers.php

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