swMATH ID: 31853
Software Authors: Roth, G, Matsuoka, K, Skoglund, A, Melvær, Y, Tronstad, S
Description: Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets which works with the free, cross-platform, open-source software QGIS. It includes community-contributed, peer-reviewed data from ten different scientific themes and a professionally-designed basemap. Best of all, Quantarctica is free to download and re-distribute.
Homepage: http://quantarctica.npolar.no/
Related Software: agrid; GDAL; Cartopy; Verde; VTK; Dask; Astropy; NetCDF; QGIS; MayaVi; Scikit; NumPy; pandas; GeoPandas; SciPy; Matplotlib; xarray; Rasterio; Fiona; Shapely
Cited in: 0 Publications