Nonconvex Pareto Navigator

swMATH ID: 31871
Software Authors: Hartikainen, Markus; Miettinen, Kaisa; Klamroth, Kathrin
Description: Interactive Nonconvex Pareto Navigator for multiobjective optimization. We introduce a new interactive multiobjective optimization method operating in the objective space called Nonconvex Pareto Navigator. It extends the Pareto Navigator method for nonconvex problems. An approximation of the Pareto optimal front in the objective space is first generated with the PAINT method using a relatively small set of Pareto optimal outcomes that is assumed to be given or computed prior to the interaction with the decision maker. The decision maker can then navigate on the approximation and direct the search for interesting regions in the objective space. In this way, the decision maker can conveniently learn about the interdependencies between the conflicting objectives and possibly adjust one’s preferences. To facilitate the navigation, we introduce special cones that enable extrapolation beyond the given Pareto optimal outcomes. Besides handling nonconvexity, the new method contains new options for directing the navigation that have been inspired by the classification-based interactive NIMBUS method. The Nonconvex Pareto Navigatormethod is especially well-suited for computationally expensive problems, because the navigation on the approximation is computationally inexpensive. We demonstrate the method with an example. Besides proposing the new method, we characterize interactive navigation based methods in general and discuss desirable properties of navigation methods overall and in particular with respect to Nonconvex Pareto Navigator.
Homepage: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0377221718309792
Keywords: multiple objective programming; interactive multiobjective optimization; navigation; nonconvex problems; Pareto optimality
Related Software: Pareto navigator; E-NAUTILUS; PAINT; GAMS-NIMBUS; NIMBUS; FITradeoff; BO-BSG; Adam; MOEA/D
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