swMATH ID: 3204
Software Authors: Cassandra, Anthony R.
Description: Partially Observable Markov Decision Process (POMDP). The ’pomdp-solve’ program solves problems that are formulated as partially observable Markov decision processes, a.k.a. POMDPs. It uses the basic dynamic programming approach for all algorithms, solving one stage at a time working backwards in time. It does finite horizon problems with or without discounting. It will stop solving if the answer is within a tolerable range of the infinite horizon answer, and there are a couple of different stopping conditions (requires a discount factor less than 1.0). Alternatively you can solve a finite horizon problem for some fixed horizon length. The code actually implements a number of POMDP solution algorithms
Homepage: http://www.pomdp.org/pomdp/code/index.shtml
Related Software: PRISM; Storm; Adam; Jani; z3; RMSprop; GitHub; ZMDP; Graphviz; Reluplex; Safety Gym; QT-Opt; IMPALA; Horizon; TEXPLORE; Alpaga
Cited in: 26 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.pomdp.org/pomdp/papers/index.shtml

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