swMATH ID: 3215
Software Authors: Li, Xiang-Yang; Wan, Peng-Jun
Description: Theoretically good distributed CDMA/OVSF code assignment for wireless ad hoc networks We present several distributed CDMA/OVSF code assignment algorithms for wireless ad hoc networks modelled by unit disk graph (UDG). We first give a distributed code assignment whose total throughput is within a constant factor of the optimum. Then we give a distributed method such that the minimum rate achieved is within a constant factor of the optimum. A distributed method that can approximate both the minimum rate and total throughput is also presented. All our methods use only \(O (n)\) total messages (each with \(O(log n)\) bits) for an ad hoc wireless network of \(n\) nodes modelled by UDG.
Homepage: http://www.springerlink.com/content/dej96v2efn1ehdm6/fulltext.pdf
Keywords: CDMA code assignment; coloring; throughput; bottleneck; interference; wireless networks
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