swMATH ID: 32209
Software Authors: John P Fitch, P Herbert , Arthur C Norman
Description: Design features of COBALG. The COBALG project grew from two somewhat conflicting aims. The first was a desire to investigate techniques for handling algebraic expressions too large to fit conveniently in primary memory; the second was to provide a striking, but reasonably light hearted project for a post graduate student. The first of these aims dictated that the algebraic expressions will be treated as basically disc rather than store resident. With this in view the second aim was satisfied by the picturesque choice of COBOL as an implementation language. As far as we know we now have the first ever COBOL based algebra system, and furthermore the package owes more of its pholosophy to the SCHOONSCHIP system than to more standard shaped systems. The object of this paper is to discuss some of the consequences of building a system in this admittedly curious fashion, and to demonstrate that our strategy can lead to extremely practical results.
Homepage: https://dl.acm.org/doi/10.1145/800205.3317677
Related Software: CABAL
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