swMATH ID: 32217
Software Authors: Gomes, V.B.F., Struth, G.
Description: Program Construction and Verification Components Based on Kleene Algebra. Variants of Kleene algebra support program construction and verification by algebraic reasoning. This entry provides a verification component for Hoare logic based on Kleene algebra with tests, verification components for weakest preconditions and strongest postconditions based on Kleene algebra with domain and a component for step-wise refinement based on refinement Kleene algebra with tests. In addition to these components for the partial correctness of while programs, a verification component for total correctness based on divergence Kleene algebras and one for (partial correctness) of recursive programs based on domain quantales are provided. Finally we have integrated memory models for programs with pointers and a program trace semantics into the weakest precondition component.
Homepage: https://www.isa-afp.org/entries/Algebraic_VCs.html
Dependencies: Isabelle
Related Software: Archive Formal Proofs; Isabelle/HOL; Kleene Algebra; Ordinary Differential Equations; Binary Multirelations; Isabelle/UTP; KeYmaera X; Bellerophon; Transformer semantics; Quantales; Differential_Game_Logic; KAD; Coquelicot; C-CoRN; RODAS; KeYmaera; Isabelle
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