swMATH ID: 32227
Software Authors: Kobayashi, H., Chen, L., Murao, H.
Description: Groups, Rings and Modules: The theory of groups, rings and modules is developed to a great depth. Group theory results include Zassenhaus’s theorem and the Jordan-Hoelder theorem. The ring theory development includes ideals, quotient rings and the Chinese remainder theorem. The module development includes the Nakayama lemma, exact sequences and Tensor products.
Homepage: https://www.isa-afp.org/entries/Group-Ring-Module.html
Dependencies: Isabelle
Related Software: Polynomials; Deep_Learning; Groebner_Bases; Jordan Normal Forms; Algorithm 862; HOL; z3; Isar; Isabelle/HOL; Isabelle; Matrix_Tensor; Archive Formal Proofs; LCF; Sledgehammer; Metis_
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