Codes over Z4

swMATH ID: 32325
Software Authors: Barrolleta, R.; Pernas, J.; Pujol, J.; Villanueva, M.
Description: Codes Over ℤ₄ is a package that expand the current functionality for codes over ℤ₄ in Magma. Specifically, there are functions which give new constructions for some families of codes over ℤ₄ and constructions to obtain new codes over ℤ₄ from given codes over ℤ₄. Moreover, efficient functions for computing the rank and dimension of the kernel of any code over ℤ₄ are also include, as well as general functions to compute the coset leaders for a subcode in a code over ℤ₄. Finally, there are also functions to compute the permutation automorphism group for Hadamard and extended perfect codes over ℤ₄, and their cardinal.
Homepage: https://ddd.uab.cat/pub/caplli/2017/188175/lincodove_a2017.pdf
Source Code: https://github.com/pernas/Z4Codes
Dependencies: Magma
Related Software: Magma
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