swMATH ID: 32482
Software Authors: Ballani, Jonas; Huynh, Phuong; Knezevic, David; Nguyen, Loi; Patera, Anthony T.
Description: PDE apps for acoustic ducts: a parametrized component-to-system model-order-reduction approach. We present an SCRBE PDE App framework for accurate and interactive calculation and visualization of the parametric dependence of the pressure field and associated Quantities of Interest (QoI) – such as impedance and transmission loss – for an extensive family of acoustic duct models. The Static Condensation Reduced Basis Element (SCRBE) partial differential equation (PDE) numerical approach incorporates several principal ingredients: component-to-system model construction, underlying “truth” finite element PDE discretization, (Petrov)-Galerkin projection, static condensation at the component level, parametrized model-order reduction for both the inter-component (port) and intra-component (bubble) degrees of freedom, and offline-online computational decompositions; we emphasize in this paper reduced port spaces and QoI evaluation techniques, especially frequency sweeps, particularly germane to the acoustics context. A PDE App constitutes a Web User Interface (WUI) implementation of the online, or deployed, stage of the SCRBE approximation for a particular parametrized model: User model parameter inputs to the WUI are interpreted by a PDE App Server which then invokes a parallel cloud-based SCRBE Online Computation Server for calculation of the pressure and associated QoI; the Online Computation Server then downloads the spatial field and scalar outputs (as a function of frequency) to the PDE App Server for interrogation and visualization in the WUI by the User. We present several examples of acoustic-duct PDE Apps: the exponential horn, the expansion chamber, and the toroidal bend; in each case we verify accuracy, demonstrate capabilities, and assess computational performance.
Homepage: https://atpwui.akselos.com/acoustics/pdeappsdata.html
Related Software: libMesh; MUMPS; PETSc
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