swMATH ID: 32485
Software Authors: Dubois, F.; Jean, M.; Renouf, M.; Mozul, R.; Martin, A.; Bagneris, M.
Description: LMGC90 is an open-source software developed by the LMGC (Mechanical and Civil Engineering Laboratory), a research laboratory of the University of Montpellier and of the CNRS). The software implement the Discrete Elment Method NSCD « Non Smooth Contact Dynamics ». The LMGC90 software is dedicated to the modelling of large objects collections in interaction. It enables to simulate complex systems thanks to sophisticated and very detailed models. Each object modeled is defined through out its own geometry and a proper behaviour is associated to each body. A wide range of models (rigid, elastic, elasto-plastic, etc.) may be used to model objects behaviours. Moreover behaviours between objects are modeled by using many contacts law (friction, cohesion, etc.).
Homepage: http://mimetics-engineering.fr/index.php/en/lmgc90-2/
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Cited in: 13 Publications

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