swMATH ID: 3253
Software Authors: Büyüközkan, Gülçin
Description: A MCDM tool to evaluate government websites in a fuzzy environment. This paper presents a multi criteria decision making (MCDM) framework for evaluating the performance of government websites. In line with the multi-dimensional characteristics of website quality, MCDM provides an effective framework for an inter-website comparison involving the evaluation of multiple attributes. It thus ranks different websites compared in terms of their overall performance. In addition, the subjectivity and vagueness in the assessment process is dealt with fuzzy logic. The proposed framework is effectively illustrated to evaluate Turkish government websites
Homepage: http://www.isy.vcu.edu/~hweistro/mcdmchapter.htm
Keywords: multi criteria decision making; evaluation of website performance; VIKOR method; fuzzy logic; government websites
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