swMATH ID: 326
Software Authors: Janičić, Predrag
Description: We present GCLC/WinGCLC – a tool for visualizing geometrical (and not only geometrical) objects and notions, for teaching/studying mathematics, and for producing mathematical illustrations of high quality. GCLC uses a language GC for declarative representation of figures and for storing mathematical contents of visual nature in textual form. In GCLC, there is a build-in geometrical theorem prover which directly links visual and semantical geometrical information with deductive properties and machine-generated proofs.
Homepage: http://poincare.matf.bg.ac.rs/~janicic/gclc/
Keywords: visualizing geometrical objects
Related Software: GeoThms; GCLCprover; GeoGebra; GEX; Cinderella; gcl; GEOTHER 1.1; JGEX; GeoProof; OpenGeoProver; TGTP; Intergeo; GeoView; MMP/Geometer; Coq; ArgoCLP; ArgoTriCS; TPTP; Geometer's Sketchpad; Electronic Geometry Textbook
Cited in: 34 Documents

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