swMATH ID: 32625
Software Authors: Hurd, J.
Description: The goal of the OpenTheory project is to allow specifications and proofs to be shared between different theorem prover implementations of higher order logic, including HOL Light, HOL4 and ProofPower. It is hoped that OpenTheory packages are adopted by the higher order logic theorem proving community as a common format to build a standard library of formalized mathematics and verified software.
Homepage: http://www.gilith.com/opentheory/
Related Software: HOL Light; HOL; Isabelle/HOL; Isabelle; Coq; Flyspeck; QMT; MMT; ProofPower; HOLyHammer; CakeML; Jitawa; Milawa; LCF; Mizar; MoMM; TPTP; ML; MPTP 0.2; Tactician
Cited in: 16 Publications

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