swMATH ID: 32724
Software Authors: Bürgel, Florian; Kazimierski, Kamil S.; Lechleiter, Armin
Description: Algorithm 1001: IPscatt - a Matlab toolbox for the inverse medium problem in scattering. IPscatt is a free, open-source MATLAB toolbox facilitating the solution for time-independent scattering (also known as time-harmonic scattering) in two- and three-dimensional settings. The toolbox has three main application cases: simulation of the scattered field for a given transmitter-receiver geometry; the generation of simulated data as well as the handling of the real-world data from Institute Fresnel; and the reconstruction of the contrast from several measured, scattered fields. In each case, a variety of options tailored to the needs of practitioners is provided. For example, the toolbox allows the simulation of the scattered near field as well as of the far field. Also, it provides methods for the modeling of the incident field as point sources as well as plane waves. Finally, many common geometries of transmitters and receivers are included out of the box. Regarding the reconstruction, the provided functions implement the regularization scheme that relies on a primal-dual algorithm and was introduced by extit{F. Bürgel} et al. [J. Comput. Phys. 339, 1–30 (2017; Zbl 1375.78025)]. This article provides a survey of the mathematical concepts in scattering, connects them with the provided implementation, gives an overview of the software framework as well as its application areas, and compares it with existing software packages solving the same problem.
Homepage: http://www.florianbuergel.de/ipscatt/
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: Helmholtz equation; inverse scattering problem; Matlab toolbox; denoising; parameter identification; primal-dual algorithm; sparsity regularization; total variation regularization
Related Software: Matlab
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