swMATH ID: 32778
Software Authors: Steffen Börm
Description: H2Lib is an open source software library for hierarchical matrices and H²-matrices that is being developed in the Scientific Computing Group at Kiel University. It is intended as a successor to the popular HLib package that is no longer actively maintained.
Homepage: http://www.h2lib.org
Source Code:  https://github.com/H2Lib/H2Lib
Related Software: STRUMPACK; hlib; HODLRlib; George; GitHub; PetRBF; Hm-toolbox; ASKIT; Thrust; Matlab; AHMED; BEM++; H2Opus; H2Pack; FLAM; FMM3D; MAGMA; PETSc; Bembel; CGAL
Cited in: 8 Documents

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