swMATH ID: 32822
Software Authors: Vicente, A.
Description: FlavorKit: a brief overview. We give a brief overview of FlavorKit, a kit for the study of flavor observables beyond the standard model. In contrast to previous flavor codes, FlavorKit is not restricted to a single model, but can be used to obtain predictions for flavor observables in a wide range of models. FlavorKit can be used in two different ways. The basic usage of FlavorKit allows for the computation of a large number of lepton and quark flavor observables, using generic analytical expressions for the Wilson coefficients of the relevant operators. The setup is based on the public codes SARAH and SPheno, and thus allows for the analytical and numerical computation of the observables in the model defined by the user. If necessary, the user can also go beyond the basic usage and define his own operators and/or observables. For this purpose, a Mathematica package called PreSARAH has been developed. This tool uses FeynArts and FormCalc to compute generic expressions for the required Wilson coefficients at the tree- and 1-loop levels. Similarly, the user can easily implement new observables. With all these tools properly combined, the user can obtain analytical and numerical results for the observables of his interest in the model of his choice.
Homepage: https://arxiv.org/abs/1410.2099
Keywords: High Energy Physics; arXiv_hep-ph; flavor observables; Wilson coefficients; Mathematica package; wide range of models
Related Software: FormFlavor; SARAH; Wilson; Spheno; SMEFTsim; DsixTools; WCxf; DirectDM; FeynRules; FormCalc; HEPfit; FeynArts; Mathematica; flavio; Rosetta; MatchingTools; Superiso; GitHub; SUSEFLAV; ISAJet
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FlavorKit: a brief overview arXiv
A. Vicente

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