swMATH ID: 32890
Software Authors: Bakhirkin, Alexey; Basset, Nicolas; Maler, Oded; Jarabo, José-Ignacio Requeno
Description: ParetoLib: a Python library for parameter synthesis. This paper presents ParetoLib, a Python library that implements a new method for inferring the Pareto front in multi-criteria optimization problems. The tool can be applied in the parameter synthesis of temporal logic predicates where the influence of parameters is monotone. ParetoLib currently provides support for the parameter synthesis of standard (STL) and extended (STLe) Signal Temporal Logic specifications. The tool is easily upgradeable for synthesizing parameters in other temporal logics in the near future. An example illustrates the usage and performance of our tool. ParetoLib is free and publicly available on Internet.
Homepage: http://www-verimag.imag.fr/ParetoLib.html?lang=en
Dependencies: Python
Cited in: 0 Publications