swMATH ID: 3293
Software Authors: Antoniu, Gabriel; Bougé, Luc
Description: DSM-PM2: A portable implementation platform for multithread DSM consistency protocols DSM-PM2 is a platform for designing, implementing and experimenting with multithreaded DSM consistency protocols. It provides a generic toolbox which facilitates protocol design and allows for easy experimentation with alternative protocols for a given consistency model. DSM-PM2 is portable across a wide range of clusters. We illustrate its power with figures obtained for different protocols implementing sequential consistency, release consistency and Java consistency, on top of Myrinet, Fast-Ethernet and SCI clusters.
Homepage: http://hal.inria.fr/docs/00/07/25/23/PDF/RR-4108.pdf
Keywords: DSM-PM2; multithreaded DSM consistency protocols
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