swMATH ID: 33000
Software Authors: Luca Marchetti, Vincenzo Manca
Description: MpTheory Java library: a multi-platform Java library for systems biology based on the Metabolic P theory. MpTheory Java library is an open-source project collecting a set of objects and algorithms for modeling observed dynamics by means of the Metabolic P (MP) theory, that is, a mathematical theory introduced in 2004 for modeling biological dynamics. By means of the library, it is possible to model biological systems both at continuous and at discrete time. Moreover, the library comprises a set of regression algorithms for inferring MP models starting from time series of observations. To enhance the modeling experience, beside a pure Java usage, the library can be directly used within the most popular computing environments, such as MATLAB, GNU Octave, Mathematica and R.
Homepage: https://academic.oup.com/bioinformatics/article/31/8/1328/212890
Related Software: MP-GeneticSynth
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1 Manca, Vincenzo

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