swMATH ID: 33002
Software Authors: Julien Alexandre dit Sandretto, Alexandre Chapoutot, Olivier Mullier
Description: DynIbex is a plug-in of Ibex library which is a library for constraint processing over real numbers. DynIbex offers a set of validated numerical integration methods based on Runge-Kutta schemes to solve initial value problem of ordinary differential equations and for DAE in Hessenberg index 1 form.
Homepage: https://perso.ensta-paris.fr/~chapoutot/dynibex/
Related Software: Flow*; Codac; Acumen; JuliaReach; IBEX; ValEncIA-IVP; PHAVer; GRKLib; SCOTS; PESSOA; ODEIntegrator; SpaceEx
Cited in: 3 Publications

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