swMATH ID: 33007
Software Authors: Toro, Mauricio; Rueda, Camilo; Agón, Carlos; Assayag, Gérard
Description: Gelisp: A Library to Represent Musical CSPs and Search Strategies. In this paper we present Gelisp, a new library to represent musical Constraint Satisfaction Problems and search strategies intuitively. Gelisp has two interfaces, a command-line one for Common Lisp and a graphical one for OpenMusic. Using Gelisp, we solved a problem of automatic music generation proposed by composer Michael Jarrell and we found solutions for the All-interval series.
Homepage: http://gelisp.sourceforge.net
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; arXiv_cs.AI: Constraint Satisfaction Problems; CSP; Common Lisp; OpenMusic
Related Software: SPIN; ntccSim; Ntccrt; Rules2CP; OpenMusic; Kangaroo; clasp
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Gelisp: A Library to Represent Musical CSPs and Search Strategies arXiv
Mauricio Toro, Camilo Rueda, Carlos Agón, Gérard Assayag

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